4 May 2019

Our Technology

As of today, there is no well-suited material for HT-PEMFC flow plates. The corrosive  environment of the fuel cell, associated with high temperature, leads to fast degradation of metallic bipolar plates. HYCCO is currently tackling this challenge and managed to produce break through fuel cell flow plates that are thinner, lighter and more resilient than any other materials.


Our carbon based component are lightweight. As of today, we managed to produce bipolar plates that are 40% lighter than metalic ones, which can make a huge difference on markets like aeronautics and drones.

Corrosion resistant

No sign of corrosive degradation have been detected on the ongoing tests. This means a longer life time for fuel cells, suitable for both low and high temperature PEMFCs.

High temperature resistant

Our product can resist to a wide range of temperature, up to 180 °C. High temperature fuel cells are more tolerant to gas impurities. Thus, a wide new range of gas sources becomes possible.

Extra-thin materials

Our materials do not compromise the compactness of the stack. Our plates are 5 to 6 times thinner than graphite bipolar plates, and have equivalent thickness compare to metalic ones.