Hydeo’s heavy duty mobility day in Toulouse – Occitanie


Hydeo’s heavy duty mobility day in Toulouse – Occitanie

HYCCO was present at the hydrogen day on heavy mobility organized by Hydeo. What a pleasure to see/meet all those industrial willing to push the hydrogen a step forward. Unveiling its 150M€ plan, the Occitanie region reaffirms its will to become the first European Positive energy region by 2050. Hydrogen will help communities to rethink their heavy duty transport system, which is one of the major sources of greenhouse gas emissions: Boats, trucks, buses, trains, cars, but also planes and inland waterway transport. Many industrials have addressed the issues they are facing, and we are so glad to see that our development on PEM fuel cells bipolar plates can answer many of the recurrent problems: durability, weight and compactness. #heavydutytransport #fuelcell #hydrogen #bipolarplatemanufacturing


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