3 May 2019

Our Values

Reduce our green houses gas emissions

We believe energy transition is one of the major challenges of this century that our societies will have to tackle. Deep and fundamental changes in our way of producing and consuming energy must happen. HYCCO is willing to bring breakthrough technologies to the market to meet this goal.

Hydrogen for the 21st century

Hydrogen is the most promising energy vector of the 21st century. Used conjointly with fuel cells, it is possible to drastically reduce our green houses gases emissions. Right now.

An innovative company

Our startup is technology driven, with innovation deeply rooted in its core values. We have surrounded ourselves with the best experts in composite processing and fuel cells to develop our technology in order to rapidly develop a complete fuel cell stack.

Human values

We are also deeply convinced that running a company should not be at the expense of human's values. Equitable pay and fun work can go along with business.