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Our Commitment

Think different
Focus on our planet

There is no time left to act!
As an environmentally conscious company, we are 100% focused on solutions that makes a difference and give a chance to our future to be more sustainable.
We also believe that every human being has a role to play to keep our planet livable. We take full responsibility of our actions, and we are ready to give more commitments for better tomorrows. We believe that Corporate Social Responsibility goes beyond the profit of a company, and we attach importance to development, transparency and making a difference in this field.
This is why HYCCO commits to a sustainable future made of well-educated, developed, social, economic and environmental well-being society.



HYYCO is focused on environmental sustainability. We are willing to bring breakthrough technologies to meaningful markets and reduce our carbon footprint.


Trust and respect are the roots of a solid collaboration. We adapt our business to meet your expectations with the best possible reactivity.


As HYCCO, we care of the worth and dignity of each person as we do for the environment. We are also deeply convinced that running a company should not be at the expense of human values.


Innovation is the key to continued growth and success. Our startup is technology driven, with innovation deeply rooted in its core values.


We seek to achieve the highest level of quality in our products and services. HYCCO tries new approaches in business to improve itself every day.


A component for a sustainable industry

As a part of our eco-conscious commitment, it is evidence since the beginning for us to develop our eco-technology by limiting its environmental footprint. We take a step forward and integrate formally the eco-design approach to our agenda so that the manufacturing and the development of the plates will have the least possible environmental impact throughout its’ entire lifecycle, from raw material to end of life through energy consumption and durability.

Sustainability as a pattern

  • Raw materials

    The HYCCO bipolar plates are made of high-quality raw material. Suppliers are carefully chosen to secure a strong supply chain, capable to resist geopolitical hazard.

  • Production

    Various production means have been screened, and only energy efficient processes have been retained. Any scrap left? Yes! We have a by-product to address.

  • Usage

    Scheduled obsolescence is definitely not the way we can afford durable business. HYCCO spend a lot of energy to assure that its components will have the longest lifetime possible.

  • Recycling

    HYCCO bipolar plates can be directly reused or transformed to manufacture new products minimizing the environmental impact.

As a company driving innovation in Hydrogen sector, we give 100% of our interest to focus on new technologies and solutions to make our future sustainable. Therefore, we are committed ourselves to make an analysis to calculate our environmental impact on every step.


HYCCO strive to make a better world

We are ready to focus ourselves to follow the life cycle process of our plates from the raw material process that we receive from the manufacturer until they are handed over to the companies we cooperate with. We are at the stage of determining what needs to be done in order to realize this mission, and we are aware of what steps we need to take. In line with HYCCO’s reason to be, business operations and company employees, we have determined five Sustainable development goals.


Gender Equality

As HYCCO we believe in gender equality. We support women’s equal participation in the workforce and within decision making roles. We continue to empower women in every aspect of our business.


Affordable and clean Energy

We believe everyone should have access to sustainable, reliable, and affordable energy. Our purpose is to help businesses to increase their energy efficiency while seeking lower carbon solutions.


Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure

We contribute to the fight against climate crisis. Our work supports building resilient infrastructures and enables sustainable industries.


Responsable consomption and production

We support ensuring sustainable consumption and production patterns for all. We are taking actions to reduce our own carbon footprint.


Climate Action

As Hycco, we are aware of the current climate crisis and we are taking steps to combat climate change and its impacts. Our mission is to provide solutions to fight against climate crisis.