Hycco will be a HANNOVER MESSE in the hydrogen hall – 17th to 21st of April 2023. Come and meet us at our booth Hall 13, Stand F45/1.


Together, empowering the future with



We develop ultra-light, durable and compact
carbon fiber bipolar plates.

HYCCO has developed an ultra-thin, chemically resistant, flexible, and electrically conductive carbon fiber material. We have shaped it to form a new generation of bipolar plates to increase fuel cell stacks power density. By combining the thinness of metallic bipolar plates, the lightness of carbon fiber, and the unequalled lifetime of composite materials, we have the right material to address and decarbonize the heavy mobility market.

1mm thick
30 000 +
up to 7kW/kg
  • Compact

    Thanks to a web thickness as low as 200µm, our materials do not compromise the compactness of the stack. One mm thickness of assembled bipolar plate has been demonstrated.

  • Long-lasting

    Carefully chosen polymers make our plates chemically resistant in various fuel cell environments.

  • Lightweight

    Thanks to the lightweightness of carbon fiber we can reduce your stack weight from 30 to 50%. Unprecedent power density can be reached.

  • Scalable

    Our manufacturing process is scalable and adapted to continuous production. HYCCO’s goal is to mass manufacture its technology so decarbonisation of critical markets can happen fast.


Rethinking a key component of the entire hydrogen chain.

The entire hydrogen economy is based on usage electrochemical conversion energy devices, such as electrolyzers, fuel cells, and REDOX flow batteries. All those systems use bipolar plates. HYCCO technology is in capacity to offer cost-competitive solutions to massively decarbonate various applications, like heavy mobility (shipping, railway, aeronautics, trucks, and buses).


Think different
Focus on our planet

Our sustainable solutions only make sense if they solve problems. Therefore our components have been designed and developed to be completely recyclable. Our product cycle follows a sustainable life cycle assessment to understand how to create and value circular economy. HYCCO invests in social responsibility and environmental stewardship. We are committed to a sustainable future therefore we believe we have a great responsibility in this matter and that is why we are ready to take full action in this matter.