We decided to have a positive impact on our environment.

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→ New partnership with Pragma Industries, for the commercialization of an ultralight fuel cell dedicated to drones. Initiated on our MangabHy project with Pragma Industries, ISAE Supaero and Delair

→ Winners of the ADEME’s “Briques technologiques et démonstrateurs hydrogène” call for projects, with Hynology for our NeGerHy project – Funding of 3.34M€

Homologation projet France 2030

→ Laureate of the 3rd edition of the ‘Première Usine’ call for projects – Funding of 2M€

→ New industrial partnership with Datwyler Group for our bipolar plates seals

→ Assembly of prototype production line

→ Team grows up to 15 people

→ 1 kW Fuel Cell demonstrator development

→ New Workspace in Toulouse. 250m² divided in workshop and office + manufacturing area in B612

→ Development begins for an ultra-light open cathode stack for an hydrogen drone in partneship with Delair, Pragma Indutry and Isae Supaero.

→ Developping qualification systems for bipolar plates

→ Hycco secures sufficient funds to develop its prototype production line – Funding of 1.7M€

→ Finalisation of durability cycling test with 1000h shows no degradation on HYCCO materials

→ The demonstration of high stability of Vanadium Redox Flow battery is conducted

→ First in-situ testing of HYCCO component into a HT-PEM single cell

→ Creation of HYCCO SAS Company

→ The demonstration of the concept of a carbon fiber bipolar plate with expected performance is conducted

→ 1 kW test bench for LT and HT PEMFC is developed

→ Chemical stability of HYCCO components in LT-PEMFC is demonstrated

→ Starting incubation at IMT Mines Albi

→ Project inception