We decided to have a positive impact on our environment.

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Assembly of prototype production line

Team grows up to 15 people

1 kW Fuel Cell demonstrator development

New Workspace in Toulouse. 250m² divided in workshop and office + manufacturing area in B612

Development begins for an ultra-light open cathode stack for an hydrogen drone in partneship with Delair, Pragma Indutry and Isae Supaero.

Developping qualification systems for bipolar plates

HYCCO secured 1.7 M€ Pre-Seed funding to develop the prototype production line

Finalisation of durability cycling test with 1000h shows no degradation on HYCCO materials

The demonstration of high stability of Vanadium Redox Flow battery is conducted

First in-situ testing of HYCCO component into a HT-PEM single cell

Creation of HYCCO SAS Company

The demonstration of the concept of a carbon fiber bipolar plate with expected performance is conducted

1 kW test bench for LT and HT PEMFC is developed

Chemical stability of HYCCO components in LT-PEMFC is demonstrated

Starting incubation at IMT Mines Albi

Project inception