Open cathode PEMFC stack for portable generators.

Developing an ultra-light air cooled open cathode fuel cell stack for backup power applications

This project is funded by  EAS – Enterprise Estonia (RUP applied research).

Period: 01.11.2022 – 31.10.2024

Budget: 318 177.44 EUR

HYCCO has started a partnership with PowerUP Energy Technologies to co-develop an innovative open cathode PEMFC stack for portable generators.

PowerUP will develop the membrane electrode assembly (MEA), where the electrochemical reactions will take place and which is therefore one the most crucial part of the fuel cell.

Thanks to a our ultra-light and compact carbon fibre bipolar plates (BPP), HYCCO will drastically reduce current size and weight of PowerUp stack. This is of high importance since BPPs contribute to around 70% of the weight and up to 30% of the total cost of the fuel cell stack (Thomposn, et al. 2018).

The RUP project aims to prove that a combination of the new BPP and improved MEA will lead to significantly higher volumetric power parameters.

Partner contacts:

PowerUP Fuel Cells OÜ

Dr. Ivar Kruusenberg – CEO