MangabHy project

Collaborative project with Delair, IAE Supaero, Pragma Industrie and Hycco around the development of long-distance drones, powered by hydrogen fuel cells.

This project is funded by the Occitanie Region (ReadyNov)

Period: 03.05.2021 – 30.04.2024

Budget: 168,000 EUR

Hycco has successfully completed its mission : Delair‘s hydrogen-powered DT 46 VTOL drone, developed in partnership with ISAE Supaero for enhanced aerodynamics, now operate with a Pragma fuel cell stack that is 66% lighter (while maintaining equal performances) thanks to our cutting-edge carbon fiber bipolar plates technology.

8- 12 hours autonomy
4 kg payload
1.3kW stack

Same performances as graphite stack
66% mass gain at cell level
24% mass gain at system level
Complete redesign of the stack
+25% payload possible

Informations and contacts:


Christophe Chanudet
Project Manager

Pragma Industries

Ramzi Sellaouti
Design Office Manager

ISAE Supaero

Jean-Marc Moschetta
aerodynamics lecturer


Lucas Brugeaud
Head of Engineering